Application Form FAQ

These are the general checks one should perform while filling up the application form:

  • Form is filled in BLOCK letters
  • Existing holders should mention their Folio Number
  • Address Details are filled
  • Email Address are filled
  • Mobile Number is properly entered
  • Nomination Details if any are filled
  • In case of minor/ mentally handicapped the Guardian name should be filled
  • Form is duly signed
  • Marketing Officer/ Lead Generator Code/ Branch Manager Code is correctly filled in

These are the Bank details/ Cheque related checks one should do while filling up the application form:

  • Core Bank Details, NEFT Code, IFSC Code
  • Cheque Details (issued in the name of the scheme)
  • Amount in form and cheque should match
  • No third party cheques to be accepted

Once the form duly filled and signed is ready make sure you have attached the following documents along with the application form:

  • Self atteshed copies of PAN and which is verified by original.
  • Proof of KYC for all applicants including POA Holder, Guardian.
  • Cancelled Cheques
  • List of documents as mentioned in proposed scheme related Documents.